ShredPad Summer Challege


ShredPad Summer

Tag @shredpad and #shredpadchallenge for your chance to win up to $500 for a charitable nonprofit, a $100 Amazon gift card, or free ShredPads!


We are pleased to announce our #ShredPadChallenge for 2017!   Here are the official rules:

1) post either a video of you shredding or a boomarang of you using your shredpad (use promo code 'challenge' to pick up two for $20 with free US shipping) 

2) tag the post with both @shredpad and #shredpadchallenge (plus any charitable nonprofit you'd like to donate to if you win, entries on Facebook and Instagram will be counted separately)

3) get as many people as you can to like your post 

Awards will be given follows:

- $500 will go to the charitable nonprofit tagged in the post with the most likes (tag your favorite shredders and charities to see if they will participate!)

- $100 Amazon gift card will go to one entry at random of a boomerang video including a ShredPad board stand (or $150 to charity if your prefer)

- $100 Amazon gift card will go to the founders favorite entry (or $150 to charity if your prefer)

- a free ShredPad board stand will go to any entry with over 1000 valid likes (No bots! One per household. Free shipping to US only.) 

-   entries are counted till the end of summer Sept 21st 2017 and awards will be announced soon after!

Summer is here! Now get out and shred!

Much love and good luck!

Just Frolic



Jeff Froelicher