Shred it...

Shred it...

..and forget it.

..and forget it.

ShredPad Surfboard Wall Stand

single surfboard vertical storage and display system

the compact board rack for your garage, apartment, or board bag on travel

ShredPad one is a versatile board storage solution for surfboards of all kinds.  Anyone who keeps their board up against the wall will find themselves wondering what they did without it.  It's absorbing base protects your board from tail dings, distributes your board's weight across the floor, and collects water, sand, and wax to keep the floor clean.  The two included top grips help hold your board upright against the wall or any other surface it's rested on - the stick-on grip can go right on the wall at home and the suction grip can stick on the top of your board car-side, by the showers, or really anywhere on travel.  You'll love the peace of mind you get knowing your board is stored safe and easy.  It's minimal design lets you store your board anywhere - the garage, apartment, hallway, or as a centerpiece in the living room.

ShredPad Portable Surfboard Stand
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ShredPad Portable Surfboard Stand
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Our board storage & display system includes these unique features:

  • PROTECTS with a durable rubber base mat to prevent dings

  • COLLECTS water, sand, and other board runoff in reservoir
  • TRAVELS small footprint to go where ever your boards go
  • EASY SETUP ready to go in seconds, installation-free

Our surfboard-specific board stand now includes a super-suction wall grip that permanently sticks to your wall and suctions to your board to securely hold it in place as well as keep walls from getting marked up with water runoff and wax residue!

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