ShredPad one Board Display Stand

ShredPad one Board Display Stand

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Get peace of mind for your board, floors, and walls with ShredPad's patent pending storage system featuring water collection and ding protection. 

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Key Features

  • Minimalist design puts the focus on your board and looks great in any room

  • Storage solution that actually collects water and other runoff for easy clean up

  • Included wall grips keep board upright at home and on the road

Worry Free Instant Setup

  1. Set the ShredPad base on the ground about a foot off the wall

  2. Slap the Suction Board Grip to the upper back side of your board

  3. Place your board on the ShredPad base and lean it up against the wall*

Once you know where to permanently store your board, attach the Stick-on Grip to the wall instead. Hang on to the Suction Wall Grip for use when travelling or against your car between sessions.                  

* All boards are different so make sure the board rests securely on the base and wall.

Product Details

  • Includes ShredPad Base, Suction Board Grip, and Stick-on Wall Grip

  • Size: Base 26x12x1.2 cm Grips 9x3x1 cm

  • Total Weight: 11 ounces (in package)

  • Material: Durable Silicone Rubber

  • Packaging: Reusable/resealable polybag

Great for all kinds of boards including surf, snow, wake, skim, kite, and skate boards.