ShredPad Portable Skateboard & Longboard Display Stand

ShredPad Portable Skateboard & Longboard Display Stand

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Our board storage & display system includes these unique features:

  • PROTECTS with a durable rubber base mat to prevent dings

  • COLLECTS dirt other runoff in reservoir
  • TRAVELS small footprint to go where ever you go
  • EASY SETUP ready to go in seconds, installation-free

Our skateboard-specific board stand includes a stick-on bumper wall grip that permanently sticks to your wall where your board tip would hit to hold it in place as well as keep walls from getting marked up and scuffed!

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ShredPad Portable Skateboard Stand - protects, collects, and travels! 

ShredPad's Board Storage & Display System has these unique features:

  • collection reservoir designed to hold dirt, sand, and other runoff

  • durable rubber floor mat to absorb board impact on hard surfaces over and over

  • bumper stick-on wall grip pad (new) to keep walls clean and prevent slipping 

  • installation and hassle-free setup in seconds without messing up your walls

  • minimal footprint to put the focus the surfboard display or fit in small spaces

  • portable to go in board bags, hotels, garages, apartments, hallways, and more