ShredPad Portable Surfboard Stand with Super Wall Grip

ShredPad Portable Surfboard Stand with Super Wall Grip

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Our board storage & display system includes these features:

  • SECURE HOLD with new super grip that sticks to the wall and suctions to board

  • PROTECTS with a durable rubber base mat to prevent dings

  • COLLECTS water, sand, and other board runoff in reservoir

  • TRAVELS small footprint to go whereever your boards go

  • EASY SETUP ready to go in seconds, installation-free

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ShredPad Portable Surfboard Stand - protects, collects, and travels! 

ShredPad's Board Storage & Display System has these unique features:

  • collection reservoir designed to hold water, sand, salt, seaweed, and other runoff

  • durable rubber floor mat to absorb board impact on hard surfaces over and over

  • super-grip wall pad (new) uses suction to securely hold your board in place

  • installation and hassle-free setup in seconds without messing up your walls

  • minimal footprint to put the focus the surfboard display or fit in small spaces

  • portable to go in board bags, hotels, garages, apartments, hallways, and more