Our referral program let's anyone excited as we are be a ShredPad ambassador.  There are two ways you can help:

  1. Pitch ShredPad to a local surf or board shop near you and get a $40 Amazon gift certificate when they order their first box!
  2. Tag @shredpad on social media or refer us on your blog, website, or video! When users purchase a ShredPad and use your promo code you get $2 per sale! 

Getting started is easy.  Email us your number and address at sales@shredpad.com to register as a referrer and get the password to our dealer page or promo code for your site.  

Then just show off your ShredPad to shop owners or purchasers or point them to our website. When a wholesale order is placed and you are named as the referrer we'll ship or email you a gift card as a way to say thanks!  Now help us get the word out!