About Us

Just Frolic is founded on the simple idea of a better way to store your board and operates as a small family owned business based in San Diego, California and Ocean City, Maryland.  After a good boarding session, many people just rest their board up against the wall in their garage or apartment.  Jeff, the founder, did the same - but wasn't content with the way it left water on the floor and left the tail prone to stress fractures.  After trying to solve the problem with various small mats, he realized the water and other runoff from the board was actually fairly significant when coming straight from the ocean and a better solution was needed.  After months of research and development he developed the unique, patent pending board storage and display system known as ShredPad to create a perfect home for his board that would collect any runoff and cushion pressure from the board while being small enough to travel anywhere and elegantly show off your board.  We hope it meets your board storage as well as it did his!


Why ShredPad?

Board riding is a way of life - the energy of your surroundings, letting worries slip away, and enjoying the beauty and excitement of the moment.  Keep life stress-free when storing your board.  ShredPad protects.  It stands your board up against the wall while collecting water, sand, wax, snow, and other runoff that can damage floors and walls.  Most importantly, it provides a happy home for your board - protecting it from tail dings that might occur when set on hard surfaces such as pavement and garage floors.  ShredPad shows off your board too.  It's minimalist design puts the focus on your board so it can look great in any room.  You might just find yourself cleaning up that board so it can be proudly displayed at home. Forget about installing racks in the wall, dealing with cumbersome board bags, or using bulky stands that detract from your board.  The ShredPad board storage and display system is unlike any other, specially designed to store your board stress-free and display it where you can remember those moments you ride together.